Images by Stacie Telnock at Blue Sky and Blooms

2017 goals

Our current goal for 2017 is to increase enrichment opportunities for our current resident chickens.

Chickens are incredibly intelligent and social beings. They each have their own very unique personality.

about chickens

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The Chicken Sanctuary started when I went to a local feed store just to pick up feed and I noticed a "meat" chick in the chick bin that was having trouble walking and being run over by all of the other chicks. I found that I just couldn't leave him there to die. No one was going to save him, I had to, I was his only chance, he had nowhere to go. The feed store let me take him for free since he was "probably going to die anyway." I named him Gerry and brought him to the vet and was instructed on physical therapy for him to do twice a day. Later on I ended up ended up getting him a cart from K-9 carts. Gerry was the reason that I started The Chicken Sanctuary for differently-abled, homeless, or abandoned chickens, so they would have some place to go. We are now a 501c3 non profit organization and have many beloved permanent resident chickens.

Sammy- came to be at The Chicken Sanctuary because roosters were not allowed where he came from.

Meet some of the flock


"Peppy"-  A beloved member of the flock for years that has since passed away. Peppy had been considered useless due to her difficulty walking but she was priceless to us.


"Myrtle" - came to us when a farm store called, concerned she was not doing well. Myrtle hatched with one eye and a cross beak requiring special feedings, but she more than makes up for it with her antics. Myrtle is deeply missed by many people.